Cyber Security References

Starting a new web based project? This is a reference of useful security related links and tools. Mostly web focused generally related to technologies I happen to be working with.

There are many related terms which are not all the same, but do share much overlap; WebSec/WebSecOps, DevSec/DevSecOps, Cyber/CyberSec/Cyber Security, SDLC. Security in general should be one of the first considerations when planning a new feature. As with most things in software development, the earlier security is considered the cheaper it is to apply its principles. I won’t go in to details on that philosophy in this post, but this is also known as shifting left which is common when talking about testing strategies.

This post contains a selection of resources related to Cyber Security for an easy reference. There are a lot of these out there, so this particular list is by no means exhaustive.

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Windows 10 Unidentified Network

In windows 10, if your network adaptor isn’t using DHCP, you appear to be stuck in “Unidentified Network” land. For example, this will apply if you set up an internal network for a Hyper-V VM with static IPs.

If you want to enable say, file sharing on that network this leaves you with a dilemma. Do you turn on sharing by defauly, which includes untrusted networks? A better option is to change the network type to Private, but how? Continue reading