Navigating to a SharePoint 2013 library that contains a page named Default.aspx will open that page

I came across an interesting situation after clicking on the “View Library” link in some search results. Clicking on “View Library” resulted in a “something went wrong” error, but why?

"View Library" link in SharePoint search results
“View Library” link in SharePoint search results
Sorry, something went wrong
Sorry, something went wrong

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How to paste hyperlinks with descriptions in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

A client recently wanted to copy and paste hyperlinks with friendly descriptions from Excel in to the Hyperlink column of a list in SharePoint online.

This used to work back in SharePoint 2010 with Datasheet view because it used an ActiveX control that provided rich functionality. Since SharePoint 2013, the Datasheet view has been replaced with the Quick Edit view, which is HTML and JavaScript only. While this is great for browser compatibility, it does mean that the Quick Edit view has less functionality than the ActiveX control used to have. Continue reading