Visual Studio CTRL+M not working

This has been bothering me for a while. I haven’t been able to use any shortcut combination starting with Ctrl+M in Visual Studio. For example, since I don’t use R# I’ve become a fan of CodeMaid for reorganising and cleaning up files. CodeMaid’s  default shortcuts all start with Ctrl+M.

Usually for multi-key combinations Visual Studio displays the following message in the status bar:

(Ctrl+M) was pressed. Waiting for second key of chord...

In my case, this message wasn’t showing up.

A quick search showed that other people have found other windows applications stealing the Ctrl+M hook. A popular culprit is Skype. This was the case for me. Note the setting under Hotkeys as opposed to Shortcuts:

2017-03-10 21_32_03-Skype - Options

Disabling hotkeys solved the problem!


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