I presented at the “SharePoint Days” conference in Portorož, Slovenia

October has certainly been a busy month for me! One of the reasons was that I had the opportunity to speak at the SharePoint Dnevi, or SharePoint Days conference in Portotož, Slovenia last week. The conference was on the 22nd and 23rd of October.

Since AngularJS is becoming ever more popular, I thought it would be a good idea to show people the benefits of using it with SharePoint apps.

We have great patterns and practices when it comes to server side code, but often the accompanying JavaScript ends up being difficult to manage. AngularJS is a great fit in these circumstances, especially when you consider SharePoint Hosted Apps which are JavaScript only.

I’ll have to cut this post a bit short, but here is the slide deck that I presented, for those that are interested.

Storing user data: foreign keys or strings?

So you need to store user data in your SQL database. Do you store a foreign key to your identity table? An Active Directory (or other) login string? Their full name?

Let me first say that while I have some experience with audit records in various environments, this post doesn’t relate to anything specific. Rather, it stems from a discussion on the topic with some colleagues, so I thought it would be useful to publish my thoughts on the matter. Continue reading

Xamarin Hack Day in Slovenia!

Following the success of the Xamarin Hack Days in Sydney, Brisbane and Beijing, we’re gearing up to host a Xamarin Hack Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If you’re in the area, register and have a crack at building a cross-platform mobile app on the day. There are phones and other goodies that will be given away courtesy of Microsoft and Xamarin, so don’t miss out!

If you can’t make it, or want to get a head start before the event, you can also check out some of the presentations from previous events on SSW TV.

See you there!

How to enforce associating Check-Ins with Work Items in TFS and VSOnline

Do you use check-in policies in TFS?

I recorded a quick video explaining how to enforce associating Check-Ins with TFS Work Items. This policy can be used with both TFS 2013 and the current revision Visual Studio Online. It is worth noting that these policies are not compatible with Git.

Migrating from Subversion (SVN) to Visual Studio Online (VSOnline)

I recently had the opportunity to migrate a five-year old project from Subversion (SVN) to Visual Studio Online (VSOnline). Actually, at the start of the project we were really migrating to the Team Foundation Service, but then the service went live as Visual Studio Online in the middle of actually migrating content! Despite this, the migration barely skipped a beat. Continue reading

A new beginning


Welcome to my obligatory first post! I’m a geek that can speak non-geek, who has worked in the IT industry for the last ten years. In the last five years, I have consulted to businesses and government departments of all shapes and sizes, on all things SharePoint.

Most recently, in my last two and a half years at Microsoft, I spent a lot of time coaching and advising my clients’ own internal development teams. This included advising on development on the SharePoint platform, solution architecture, application lifecycle management, testing, and SharePoint infrastructure. Continue reading